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Are you in the market for an experienced, cost-effective and results-focused business development solution? One you can implement in the short term and rely on for the long term? Then, let’s talk.

We speak your language and understand your challenges. With a combined 40+ years of hands-on, agency-side new business experience, we understand your reality and have a proven system for delivering results.

“The HanlonGroup’s methodical approach and unrelenting pursuit of our new client acquisition goals has turned us into a marketing machine.”

Dan Greenwald
President, White Rhino

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Hanlon Group


Although we share the same passion for the business, our shared name is purely coincidental. Career agency people, we provide the strategic and tactical support you need without compromising your culture or overburdening your budget.

Leslie Hanlon

Beginning her career at some of the best mid-size shops in New England, Leslie led the client service and business development efforts at many prominent agencies. She later operated a successful consulting practice focused on providing new business solutions to area agencies in need of dependable results. Leslie doesn’t mince words, gets to the heart of the matter quickly and enjoys the hunt like no other. She is a voracious fighter for your cause. LinkIn with Leslie.

Barrie Hanlon

Having worked with Leslie at a variety of firms, Barrie was also a member of Arnold Worldwide’s new business team where she helped some of the industry’s best win and manage many high profile accounts. Having more recently led the operational and strategic development teams at Rumbletree, Barrie joined Leslie to fill out the research and client service components of the equation. A polished, no-nonsense professional, Barrie’s can-do approach gets the job done. LinkIn with Barrie.

Hanlon Group


Business development is more than talk. Creating and executing an actionable program based on sound strategy is where the real battles are won.

Ours is a total solution approach that includes:

Strategic Services

Tactical Services

  • Building and continually monitoring the cleanest and most comprehensive custom database available…period
  • Conducting effective traditional and non-traditional outreach as a representative member of your team
  • Getting you qualified meetings with key decision makers that are in the market for your services
  • Guiding relationship development strategies that move you closer to the close

"The HanlonGroup delivers the dependable results we need to grow our business.”

Brian Odell
President, Catalyst


What makes us different

Unlike many outsourced business development service providers, our integrated approach is completely custom, practical to implement, and affordable. We don’t buy lists, we don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t relegate you to the junior team.

We assess your unique situation and build a comprehensive and dependable program designed to create targeted brand awareness and professional relationships with your key prospects. We then execute that program aggressively, with an eye toward creating both short- and long-term results.

Flexible & Affordable Solutions

Maybe you just need a jumpstart? We can also help your in-house team organize a program that you can implement internally. Assisting where and when you need it. It’s not rocket science; it’s not magic. It’s hard work; it’s persistence. And, in our world, it doesn’t rest and there are no excuses.

Hanlon Group


It’s time to take control.

Let’s get to work. Contact us to learn more about our process for putting you on the road to new business success. Because relying on luck, referrals and the latest quick fix is a risky way to run your agency.

Contact us today.